Preußisches Liebesglück

A documentary by Gorch Pieken and Sönke el Bitar
A TIME PRINTS production for RBB, in co-operation with ARTE

Preußisches Liebesglück


Preußisches Liebesglück Trailer


Production: Germany 2007
Genre: Historical Documentary
Content: A German family with African roots
Format: 58′ / HD
Directors: Gorch Pieken, Sönke el Bitar
Script: Wolfgang Stauch
Photography: Kai Rostásy
Sound: Stoytcho Iliev
Electrician: Matthias Borchfeldt
Editor: Sönke el Bitar
Producer: Michael Truckenbrodt
Commissioning Editor: Dagmar Mielke (RBB/ Arte)
Initial Broadcast: 2. Nov. 2007, Arte


An African in Prussian uniform and spiked helmet. A black officers class family faithfully dedicated to Kaiser, Führer and chancellor. A story that starts with a murder and ends with a perfect example of integration. The film “Preußisches Liebesglück” (A Prussian Love Affair) tells the exceptional story of the family Sabac el Cher over the period of 150 years.


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