Pop, Sex, Politik und Heimatgefühle.
Ein Dokumentarfilmprojekt von Milan Miletic und TIME PRINTS.


The extravagant turbo folk music genre is more than just a hugely successful mixture of Balkan folk and electro beat.
Turbo folk is a prime symbol of post war Balkans where kitsch music, beautiful women with a liking for easy cash and war lords turned businessmen converge, fostering a one of a kind music scene to the delight of a euphoric fan base from former Yugoslavia.

The exceptional story of survival of the scantily clad young female turbo folk performers is intertwined with the deeply personal stories of ethnically mixed Yugo (ex Yugoslav) fans of all age and ethnic background, who once fought each other in the recent Yugoslav wars, now re-united in their new „homeland“ Germany. It is during the highly exuberant and emotional turbo folk performances that the overwhelming desire to escape in nostalgia for a shared country long gone becomes vividly apparent.


Genre: Dokumentation – Social & Current-Affairs
Subject: Turbo folk music and ex-Yugoslavs in Germany.
Autor/Regie: Milan Miletić
Creative Producer: Marija Bozinovska Jones
Produzent: Michael Truckenbrodt, Milan Miletić
Länge/ Format: 42/52 Minuten/ HDCam