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What we love:

Conference about Ebola from Doctors Without Borders

Apr 23, 2015
Bildschirmfoto Größe 640 x 426

Doctors Without Borders organized the conference “Ebola – case of emergency”, which aim was to deal better with epidemics like Ebola in the future. TIME PRINTS was there with a camera.


Commercial for the International Workers’ Day

Apr 21, 2015

TIME PRINTS is producing a commercial for the DGB (Confederation of German Trade Unions) that will celebrate this year’s 125th jubilee of the International Workers’ Day in Germany.


Interviews with contemporary witnesses for the Bundeswehr

Apr 20, 2015
Bundeswehr Architekt

TIME PRINTS interviews 10 contemporary witnesses of the Bundeswehr (german armed forces) for its 60th anniversary.


Surviving witnesses in Sachsenhausen

Apr 19, 2015
Sachsenhausen fuer Website

70 years after the liberation of the concentration camp Sachsenhausen, about 160 survivers visited in remembrance of the victims of the Nazi terror. TIME PRINTS filmed 24 interviews with surviving witnesses.


Equal Pay Day 2015 at Brandenburg Gate

Mar 24, 2015

Johanna Richter interviewing Federal Minister Manuela Schwesig at Equal Pay Day 2015.

Elections for Board of Representatives

Mar 11, 2015

We are shooting the elections of the representative body of Deutsche Bahn AG in Berlin for EVG.


Mar 2, 2015
90 Jahre Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

The Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation is celebrating it’s 90th anniversary with a historical short film by TIME PRINTS.

Situation Rooms by Rimini Protokoll

Feb 26, 2015
© Ruhrtriennale / Jörg Baumann contact@baumann-

Pre-production for the play Situation Rooms by Rimini Protokoll in the National Military History Museum in Dresden by TIME PRINTS and Albrecht Viertel.

Panorama Fotography for Schüco

Feb 9, 2015
Panoramafotografie für Schüco

TIME PRINTS is producing panorama fotography for the Schüco-stand at BAU 2015 in Munich.